Month: May 2017

The struggle in deciding based on your belief and what others believe

I wrote a couple blogs on making decisions a while back (like plus five years ago) and how one of the biggest dilemmas we face is knowing if we are making the ‘best’ decision ever or not. Today I want to expand on making decisions, but with a focus on your belief; particularly, when others have something different to say about what you believe in and the decisions you’re looking to make based on those beliefs. It is a struggle I think everyone faces at some point or another in their life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 151 – Equality

Exploring how you feel and what you think about equality (if you judge it or have preconceived notions about it) bring inner growth because this type of exploration gives you insights on how you feel about yourself in relation to equality and how you view the world when it comes to equality.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 150 – Adaptable

Being adaptable means you take time to pause and reflect, to accept what is different or unexpected and work with it. This also means you do the same thing with yourself (inner self), which is how inner growth is brought about. Thanks to your adaptable tendencies and your inner exploration, you pursue potential changes or at the very least gain awareness of your inner self to a more in-depth level.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 149 – Versatile

Exploring your versatile nature and the things you’re more inclined to learn brings about inner growth because you take note of where your natural tendencies are. This also means you gain knowledge of the areas that you are less drawn to, which you can also look into so that you understand why you’re not drawn to them.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 148 – Reflection

Inner growth would probably not take place were it not due to reflection. If you do not pause to think about something thoroughly how can you ever come to bring growth or transformation or even just awareness of something. Thanks to reflection you are able to look at yourself and all that is around you in an explorative way, which then leads you towards inner growth actions and conclusions.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 146 – Betrayal

Betrayal can help inner growth since it allows us to find ourselves needing to count on our own strengths to get passed something. It also, allows you to look at the people you choose to surround yourself with. Even though the journey of your life is in your hands, a support system that resonates with your mindset and essence is important to your growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 145 – Appreciation

When you take a minute to reflect on the appreciation you have for life and the people and/or things that are a part of your life this gives you insights into what you are grateful for. Being aware of these allows you to explore what holds true value for you, it also brings you to notice those things you may be forgetting that you are also appreciative of. This type of exploration brings inner growth since it not only makes you aware of what you hold dear and close to your heart, but also of things you can change to extend that appreciation to everything that is around you.

Why is being patient so hard

The beauty and dilemma of life is the unknown. From the very beginning of when we start thinking, we start dreaming of what our life will be like and as we get older, we learn ways that we can go about to make those dreams a reality. The challenge is waiting and overcoming what seem like obstacles to achieve those dreams. Waiting for things to turn out the way we envision is what makes patience so hard to deal with, but if we look at the entirety of our journey, piece by piece, we find that all that waiting holds a lot of amazing moments and life learning experiences.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 144 – Easy

Noticing traits and situations that come to you in a way that is easy compared to others can highlight the natural tendencies you hold, as well as the comfort zones that you are familiar with. With awareness of this, you can dive into what resonates so much from these situations and comfort zones, as well as identify the potential limits you’re choosing to stay within and possibly choose if you’d like to explore outside those boundaries.