Day: April 26, 2017

What does it really mean to get unstuck

Getting unstuck is something I’m sure we’ve all heard about and experienced; but before we can talk about getting unstuck, we should look at what it really means to get stuck. As is with most things, our mind plays a huge role in this entire stuck/unstuck ordeal. Are there situations in life where we feel like we can’t move forward or maybe that we can’t control and so we feel stuck, sure there are. But since life is always in motion and transforming are we really stuck or is it that we feel stuck?

Inner Growth Word of The Day 116 – Perception

How we perceive the world, life, and the people around us gives us insights into our feelings and sensations of those things. When we explore them by asking questions we can achieve inner growth because it gives us insight into those feelings and sensations, which brings awareness and that means we have the opportunity to work with those feelings and sensations.