Day: April 23, 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 113 – Revenge

Exploring your acts of revenge (if you’ve ever taken it out on someone) allows you dig inside your wounds and find your hurt. The way you use these inner findings to pursue inner growth is to find your peace and harmony with them (with your hurt). Inflicting pain onto another doesn’t reduce or solve the pain one feels, which is why you look to your acts of revenge to understand the hurt and solve the void, and move forward. Hence, inner growth; otherwise it is only a person inflicting intentional pain onto another who is themselves suffering. For revenge taken out on you, understanding what happened and why the other person (who is enacting the revenge) feels hurt by you, is what can lead you to understand if there’s something you should change about your behavior or at least acknowledge that a type of action as the one taken (which hurt this individual) could hurt someone and cause them to seek out revenge on you.