Month: April 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 120 – Eradicate

What we choose to eradicate from our life or our person is something that we’ve contemplated a lot on before making the decision and being able to take action to remove that something. This contemplation brings about inner growth as we will find out so much about ourselves during the thought process and we will also make decisions to bring about changes that we feel are right from the heart.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 119 – Ups and downs

Your ups and downs give you a sense of direction in things you enjoy from the heart and things you might not enjoy so much or that bother you. These moments allow you to ponder why you feel that way and what you want to do about the different situations that bring about those ups and downs. As you do this inner growth takes place thanks to the consciousness you gain of yourself and the actions you take to change that which you don’t want.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 118 – Permanent

When you take a look at the permanent things in your life you gain insights into the things that are a constant for you. This allows you to ponder why they are constants, which provides you with a deep look within. This type of awareness brings about inner growth thanks to the added knowledge you have of yourself. Also, if you look at your relationship with the idea of permanent, if it’s something you long for or can live without, this too gives you an area to explore of yourself.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 117 – Sorrow

Sorrow can help you with inner growth because if you look into your feelings of loss, regret or longing; you will find that they are indicative of something even deeper like dealing with separation or the struggle with detachment from a loved one, or not having done something differently when you could have, and therefore once the opportunity is gone, regretting not taking a chance. By exploring instances of sorrow, you will find the true origin of that sorrow, as well as an opportunity to decide what you want to do about it.

What does it really mean to get unstuck

Getting unstuck is something I’m sure we’ve all heard about and experienced; but before we can talk about getting unstuck, we should look at what it really means to get stuck. As is with most things, our mind plays a huge role in this entire stuck/unstuck ordeal. Are there situations in life where we feel like we can’t move forward or maybe that we can’t control and so we feel stuck, sure there are. But since life is always in motion and transforming are we really stuck or is it that we feel stuck?

Inner Growth Word of The Day 116 – Perception

How we perceive the world, life, and the people around us gives us insights into our feelings and sensations of those things. When we explore them by asking questions we can achieve inner growth because it gives us insight into those feelings and sensations, which brings awareness and that means we have the opportunity to work with those feelings and sensations.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 115 – Hypocrisy

Taking a look at acts of hypocrisy gives you a starting point and insights on areas of disconnect within yourself, which will lead to inner growth since your exploration will allow you to understand what the disconnect is and resolve it.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 114 – Master

To master something means you put your all into it and when you take a look at how you feel about mastering things and what you are inclined to master, you uncover things that are important to you, things you’re curious about and want to know more of (so that you can gain full knowledge of them). This type of insight into yourself allows you to ask why these things are important to you and that brings about inner growth because sometimes those things we master might not actually be of interest to us per se; maybe they were brought about by a cause and effect, a reaction of sorts, but it’s not something we are actually into; or the opposite, you find out just how much you love that specific thing you continuously are inclined to do, and rework it into your life as a constant instead of a one time or periodic thing.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 113 – Revenge

Exploring your acts of revenge (if you’ve ever taken it out on someone) allows you dig inside your wounds and find your hurt. The way you use these inner findings to pursue inner growth is to find your peace and harmony with them (with your hurt). Inflicting pain onto another doesn’t reduce or solve the pain one feels, which is why you look to your acts of revenge to understand the hurt and solve the void, and move forward. Hence, inner growth; otherwise it is only a person inflicting intentional pain onto another who is themselves suffering. For revenge taken out on you, understanding what happened and why the other person (who is enacting the revenge) feels hurt by you, is what can lead you to understand if there’s something you should change about your behavior or at least acknowledge that a type of action as the one taken (which hurt this individual) could hurt someone and cause them to seek out revenge on you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 112 – Desperate

In those moments where we feel desperate and like we’re out of options, we think about many things and this contemplation can help us find out what it is we need to work on most for ourselves. If we take a look within and find our hope, we can also gain strength to take action. Desperate situations bring about inner growth because they help us find ourselves at a deeper level and also get us to gain that strength we need to move forward from within.