Month: March 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 81 – Nature

To define one’s nature is something that allows you to also look beyond those definitions. When going beyond the lines of what defines you, you initiate a path towards inner growth because you do not stop at the definition set in front you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 80 – Judgmental

Being judgmental is something worth exploring because you want to take an in-depth look at those strong opinions. You want to find out where they come from and how they affect you so that you may pursue inner growth. This dive into your judgmental thoughts can bring about changes of opinions, as well as make clear why you have formulated those judgments in the first place.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 79 – Possession

Your relationship with possession, indifferently from what is owned, reveals more about yourself than is visible at first. When questioning that relationship to taking control of something or owning something, you find yourself uncovering if this possession indicates a need to have for fear or a need to have so that you can control, and if that’s the case why so; or maybe you’ll find that possession in the sense of control is not something you identify with at all. This process of exploration brings about inner growth by putting yourself in a position of awareness of potential needs and/or the ability to take action and change your relationship to possession in your life as a whole.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 78 – Gift

Whether a gift is an object you’ve received or given, or whether it’s a specific ability or circumstance you are grateful to have and therefore see as a gift, matters for inner growth from an explorative position in the feelings that surround those gifts and the opinions you have of them. Looking into your thought process and perspective about a gift gives you insights on yourself and an in-depth view of things you may learn from or want to change.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 77 – Ability

Each ability you have is a trait that you can use to find out more about yourself, but it’s also an opportunity to add to the list of abilities you’d like to acquire. Exploration and learning new abilities brings inner growth on a practical and internal level.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 76 – Loneliness

In moments of loneliness a person has time to reflect on themselves and their surroundings. This provides deep understanding and connection to one’s self, which can bring about discoveries and changes to what is around you that leads to inner growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 75 – Identity

Knowing your identity means exploring it from different angles, even questioning the characteristics that are a part of it to deepen your exploration. Throughout this process, you pursue inner growth by developing the identity you feel fits you, the one that is in sync with your heart.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 74 – Culture

A lot of what we believe is taught to us through our culture, but once we become aware of this it also means we are able to take a step back and explore our thought processes, behaviors, and so on. This helps us to keep an open mind about our feelings if not in tune with our beliefs, and it also allows us to stay open to different cultures; both add to our person and lead to inner growth due to our openness to consider something else instead of being closed off to it.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 73 – Negativity

There are different levels of negativity, but no matter the level, if you are able to explore it and find out what it’s about, you can use that moment to further inner growth. Understanding brings a sense of security, exploration is what helps to understand and from there actions can be taken that help you to move forward.