Day: March 29, 2017

Avoiding confusion or misunderstandings when communicating

Everyone has an opinion, a perspective, a way they think and see things. This point of view is the starting point of our thoughts and reasoning, which also means it’s the way we absorb information shared with us. So, when listening to others, this means you could be listening with a tainted ear, one that listens with your own perspective in mind. I say could because there is a choice you can make once you realize you’re listening with your own thought process and perspective, and…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 88 – Upset

Becoming aware about the things that upset you allows you to explore each of those things from the inside-out, meaning you look within to understand why you get upset. This brings about inner growth from a self-awareness standpoint, as well as giving you the possibility to take action to change patterns you’re not necessarily happy about.