Day: March 8, 2017

Do you trust in life?

When it comes to trust, we have one of those intriguing topics. People say they trust others and life, but when faced with doubt or struggle, that trust becomes fragile. The level of trust depends on each individual; and when it comes to trust given to a person, that then depends on the relationship and the things that have happened throughout the duration of that relationship. But when it comes to life, it seems like trust is constantly at play depending on a number of factors including the person…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 67 – Taking

A look at taking gets you to explore yourself and how you turn to life and/or others for things you may need or want. This type of dive into your needs and wants, gets you to notice if there’s something you’re searching for through your taking. It is through this in-depth exploration that inner growth can take place.