Month: March 2017

Inner Growth Word of The Day 90 – Sad

If something is sad you have the chance to dive into that something and understand if you’re defining it as sad because you feel sadness or if it’s because others have defined this something as sad. There can be a distinction between what you feel and what you’re dealing with as actually being sad. Uncovering that this something doesn’t make you sad leads to inner growth as you get the opportunity to change your definition of this something into what you’re actually feeling.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 89 – Silence

Silence can help inner growth as it is a moment where everything is quiet. This absence of noise gives you the opportunity to have some time with your thoughts and yourself. It is in moments like these that you can explore things that have happened to you, feelings that you’re feeling, even the feelings that arise from being surrounded by silence. Contemplation always leads to a next step, and then another, and another. These silent moments give you plenty to reflect upon and the necessary time to decide on the actions you’ll take next.

Avoiding confusion or misunderstandings when communicating

Everyone has an opinion, a perspective, a way they think and see things. This point of view is the starting point of our thoughts and reasoning, which also means it’s the way we absorb information shared with us. So, when listening to others, this means you could be listening with a tainted ear, one that listens with your own perspective in mind. I say could because there is a choice you can make once you realize you’re listening with your own thought process and perspective, and…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 88 – Upset

Becoming aware about the things that upset you allows you to explore each of those things from the inside-out, meaning you look within to understand why you get upset. This brings about inner growth from a self-awareness standpoint, as well as giving you the possibility to take action to change patterns you’re not necessarily happy about.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 87 – Let go of

When you let go of something or someone it’s typically preceded by a situation or event that brings about the need to let go of that something or someone. When we’re talking about ‘letting go of’ in a figurative sense your emotions are involved; this is where inner growth comes into play. Contemplating letting go of and the feelings that arise in making that decision bring you to take a look inside and understand your reasons for letting go of, as well as exploring the challenges you may face in having to let go of something or someone.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 86 – Hold on

When you hold on to something or someone, especially if transformation is taking place, there is a lot that you learn about yourself (like things you don’t want to let go of, why you want to keep them the way they are, what this wanting to keep or not let go of means when it comes to fears or challenges, etc.). Through the learning process inner growth happens as you release what you want to hold on to when the circumstances around you show you a different direction or outcome.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 85 – Value

Finding out why you value some things or people and the value you attribute to each gives you insight into what you find important and worthy. This also leads you to explore what you find of less value. Both can further inner growth by bringing about questions and reevaluations of that which you attribute value to.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 84 – Subconsciousness

Tapping into your subconsciousness allows you to get answers to actions you take or thoughts you think that you weren’t sure about, where they stemmed from or why. Once you get to see the you below the surface too, it’s easier to pursue inner growth at a deeper level and come full circle with things you want to tackle or understand about yourself.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 83 – Aspiration

A look at your aspirations can give you the opportunity to explore the different desires you hold close and dear to your heart. Taking a look at what you’re doing to achieve them or how you feel about the ones you might not have achieved yet or may have given up on. As you do this, inner growth comes about with the discoveries of what these aspirations mean to you, which ones might not really be yours, as well as maybe self-sabotage for a reason or another in obtaining, and so on.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 82 – Depressed

In those times when someone is feeling depressed a lot of different thoughts can take place; it’s in those moments of contemplation that you find answers to questions you may have, concerns that are a part of worries and pain points around things that take place or could take place. Thanks to bringing those thoughts to the forefront, you have an opportunity to decide on your next steps and resolve those internal concerns.