Overthinking doesn’t have to be a bad thing

While I was on hiatus this past month a lot of topics came to mind; all related to life, inner growth, harmony, the pursuit of happiness, and the day to day experiences we may encounter.  So, I made a list of everything, but I can only write so much at a time and today’s winner ended up being overthinking.  Even though it may seem like a pretty straightforward topic, I find it to be quite the contrary.  There’s a lot to say about it and a lot of different angles to explore, as well as things to gain from overthinking.

First thing, I always wonder what makes someone tell someone else that they are overthinking.  I mean as people, we think.  We formulate ideas, explore questions, interact with people; a lot of what we do has some thinking to it.  Also, typically we overthink something when it’s meaningful to us.  Of course, there is that downside to overthinking when the thoughts are saddening or angering.  When that’s the case, we can spiral into a pretty bad mood and that doesn’t really help anything.  However, if we take a different approach to our overthinking, then we might just be able to learn something about ourselves and make this activity something useful for our inner growth and overall life.

Before we get into the how, we should talk a little bit more about the act of overthinking.  Everyone overthinks something sometimes.  They may only do it 1% of the time, but they still do it.  As mentioned above, the tendency to overthink most likely includes thinking about something we are involved in very closely, maybe emotionally or even a life changing event.  So, for me, it’s not that odd that people can overthink.  Overthinking isn’t really something you tell yourself you want to do, it kind of just happens. And until you find the answer or solution or closure to whatever it is you’re overthinking, it may occupy minutes of your day or days or weeks or even months.  I’ve come across many articles (psychology ones too) that talk about overthinking in this negative way.  Even the definition of overthinking applies a judgement of sorts: “think about (something) too much or for too long.”  Once more, who is defining too long or too much?  Instead of judging someone for overthinking, how about looking at it from a neutral standpoint with the awareness of the act that is taking place.

This is the first step to the how: awareness.  You catch yourself overthinking don’t judge yourself based on this idea that overthinking is negative; how about you try to understand yourself better, the situation you’re overthinking and what you can find out about why you’re thinking about it so much and what you can do to find a resolution to it.  Also, I’d like to add, some things you might want to always overthink.  Is it wrong to “overthink” the love that surrounds you or how about thinking “too long” about how lucky you are to have that amazing job?  Isn’t that overthinking too?  Food for thought 😉

Moving forward…

After awareness, would come the exploration of why you’re overthinking.  You want to figure out if you’re overthinking because of worry or because there’s an important consequence or possibly an uncertainty following your decision.  If you find that you’re overthinking because of worry, then you want to look into what that worry is.  This is where you can also pursue your inner growth and all those areas we talk about.  Just because everyone else doesn’t ponder their personal whys, doesn’t mean you don’t have to.  It’s the asking yourself questions and finding answers that allows you to make decisions and move in a direction that you want to go towards or acquiring an in-depth knowledge of your whys, which then makes them known so not uncertain or something to fear or feel burdened by.

It’s ok to be you, always remember that and when you catch yourself overthinking, try to figure out why this is happening.  Get to the bottom of it with yourself or with a friend or family member; and if it’s something you’re ok with overthinking, then that’s fine too.  Don’t let others tell you that you think too much, but definitely don’t let your thoughts bring you down or keep you stagnant; well, unless that makes you happy of course…but I don’t think any of us want to feel down and under, so I think it’s safe to assume that you’ll happily apply a different process to your overthinking (so that not only you can find solutions, answers, and so forth; but you can also take steps that benefit your inner growth).

What about you?  What do you think about overthinking?  And how have you used it to learn more about yourself?

How a daily ‘giving holiday mindset’ can help inner growth

How a daily ‘giving holiday mindset’ can help inner growth

In this past month, when the holiday season begins, you always notice a happy air about.  It’s like everything feels so much more loved, joyous and kind.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence and it is one of the things I love most about every holiday.  People get warm feelings in their hearts and try to be thankful for all that they have, to give back and help those in need.  If only every day could be a holiday, then we’d have the same amount of loving energy within us and around the world every day.

So, this made me think, what would a giving holiday mindset mean for our inner growth?  Obviously, for the world it would mean a lot more people being kind to each other and giving to each other, but what about the impact on you, personally; especially when faced with those challenges that come before taking the next step towards where you want to be?

I know the wording (giving holiday mindset) might be a bit odd, but it does paint a good picture of the feeling you’d hold within you and that feeling is the first thing that would impact your day to day inner growth thoughts, actions, questions, challenges, etc.

When it comes to inner growth we’re brought to look at it as something hard, something that requires a lot of effort and of course there’s a good reason why; inner growth seems to always come following challenges and moments of doubt or despair.  It takes time to adjust to the idea of looking at a challenge differently, it takes time to learn about your fears, to release them, and to transform the tendency to focus on what you don’t want versus what you have.  It’s also a huge challenge to have that light uplifting feeling in your heart that says everything will be all right.

Now, if we faced the same unexpected situations, thoughts, and feelings with a giving holiday mindset our heart would be lit up with that warm glow of something magical, something loving, something happy, something invincible even.  That warm heart feeling gives you hope and it uplifts you; so with it you’d feel a lot lighter when faced with something that in another mindset might have seemed so much heavier to manage.

You’d also have in mind all the good things that you have in life and this would give you the strength to face anything head on.  Being grateful puts you in a place of appreciation and abundance, not in a place of lack and as if everything is about to crumble to pieces.  It’s not only the kind natured feeling that works its magic, but the actual feeling of gratitude.  A challenge would be way smaller since next to it you’d have a list of all the things you do have that are positive.

I know you, the one reading my blog yes; you are looking to take a loving spin to your life, to make it less difficult, to reach your inner growth so that you may reach balance or you’re already on the journey and this message resonates with you, or maybe I’m totally off (lol)…but to you reading I say this, if you can hold a giving holiday mindset the world will become that giving holiday everyday (and I don’t mean only Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is for any holiday that makes you feel that warm loving feeling in your heart).

‘Tis the season to be jolly, why not be jolly every day and start redefining what it means to pursue inner growth.  It doesn’t have to be heavy if you try to lighten up the load while exploring the inner-depths of yourself and perspective.  For sure there’s a process that requires its time, but if you start thinking about things in a giving holiday mindset your heart will be too light to allow you to be too low.

Giving it a try can’t hurt, right!  Now it’s your turn, I’m curious, do you have a type of mindset in mind that you’d apply to inner growth?  Let me know 🙂