Month: June 2016

Taking online messages as if they were fact and letting people talk to you like you’re a moron

There are a couple of things I observe weekly online that make me wonder: Does everybody really buy into this type of messaging? Does everybody really believe what they see and hear online without questioning it?


Allocating your precious time because…

Life is a gift - photo by FNM

In one way or another people value their time.  Time is that thing we appreciate more and more as our lives get busy with work, hobbies, family, plans, and so on and so forth.   I’m sure this isn’t news to you or anyone else for that matter, but something I’ve noticed over time is the

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Relationships and the one mistake and you’re out nonsense

Something that’s always fascinated me about human behavior is how quickly some can call it quits with someone like a friend or family member for one mistake.  Obviously, the one mistake isn’t being late to a birthday party or missing out on a wedding (even though for some people that’s all it takes); I’m talking

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What does it take to be fully invested in what you are doing in life

What does it take to be fully invested in something you are doing

A couple days ago I posted my Coffee Break Question Of The Day on Snapchat regarding investment in doing something.  Specifically, I asked: What does it take to be fully invested in something? The question arose from various weekly interactions and conversations about the lack of investment in doing something by some people.  Basically, dealing

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When first impressions take precedence over depth

Question: how many of you read the social media posts you share?  Follow up question, how much time do you have to read all the online articles that cross your path throughout the day as you browse your social media networks? I just finished my guest blog for Leaderswest where I took a look at

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Relationships and intent go hand in hand

A beautiful day ~ photo by FNM

Relationships and intent go hand in hand.  Do you ever wonder, why some people click while others don’t or why some relationships disappoint you?  Do you ever ask yourself when pondering these questions, what your intent was or is when it comes to the relationships you’re questioning? If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it

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