Sticking to your new year plans

It’s almost the end of the first month of a new year, which means there’s a good number of people who have started their new year’s resolutions, completed their yearly or quarterly business plans or blogging calendars, or any other plan that helps them organize the year ahead.  Then again there may be those who plan to wing the year and have no plan.  In the end, does it really matter to have a plan or a set of goals?  Well, from a quick search on google about 11,200,000 results seem to think so 😉  Also, I know quite a few people who would say yes to planning and goal setting.  I would say, it’s most important to be happy with your choice (to have or not have goals and plans).

If you’re a business owner a clear idea of where you’re heading can definitely help you get there, but it doesn’t have to be done in a specific way.  Sure, there’s plenty of advice out there that can guide you in a direction that is beneficial to your business; but at the same time, you have to be ready for that advice in order for you to follow it when the time comes.

The same goes for life; whether it’s achieving healthy eating habits or reading more or making more time for your family and friends.  If it’s not something you really want, then setting up goals or plans won’t help you get there. Sure, you’ll make lists and set those goals, but you won’t stick to them if you don’t really believe in them; and sometimes knowing when you really do or don’t believe in them is tricky.

It seems that everywhere you turn, there’s some article that gives you the key to the best steps to take to live a fulfilling life, leading a business, or being happy.  The truth is that people will act when they’re ready.  Circumstances can delay or bring plans off track for a bit, but when you know what’s in your heart on the surface (when you’re aware), that is when you will pursue your choice head on.

The key to setting your life, business or any new year goals is simple: Look into your heart and be objective of those things that make you tick!  They’ll actually be pretty obvious because not only do they provoke this huge energy boost and harmony within you, but also because you’ll be doing them already.

There are many people who believe you can show someone the way, I’ve found this to be untrue in every life experience I’ve lived, up to date.  You can support someone along their journey, but what they see is what they see.  Only by seeing how they see, can you share with them something that may be helpful to them.

Ultimately, each one of us has already chosen the path we’re going to take, the goals we’re going to set and pursue, and the goals we won’t pursue, or at least not until we’re ready.  All that matters is that we are happy within and living a life that makes us smile.  If you’re not, then some self-exploration or sharing with the right people is definitely the way to find out!

How are you starting off the new year?  Any big life or business goals in the works?


Looking forward to your thoughts and shares as we support each other on this journey called life!


“Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think of you is their problem.”
~ Charlie Chaplin.