Consistency speaks louder than words and actions

Consistency speaks louder than words and actions - photo by FNM

Consistency speaks louder than words and actions – photo by FNM

“Actions are louder than words; as is consistency. Blend the two together and you have the truth of that moment, of that person, of that character.” – FNM

I saw a quote that stated “I don’t believe what you say. I believe what you do.”  At first impulse I wanted to ‘like’ the Facebook post, but then I paused and remembered that I know many individuals who speak and act differently, but their words are actually true to their thoughts (even if not portrayed through their actions).

This pause made me want to underline how consistency in actions and words is much more essential to finding the truth than solely looking at actions and words.

Sometimes people may say things they believe, but not have the impulse to apply them. They could refrain due to an issue in their life we don’t know about or it could be that they merely take words and what they say lightly (giving it no weight whatsoever).

Either way, their true person, character or way of behaving and/or reacting in a particular moment will come out through their consistent actions and words.

It isn’t merely because an individual says one thing and does another; or acts one way, but doesn’t speak it that will (or could) unfold their person and who they are. It is through the years of getting to know them, being around them, noticing the little things they do or don’t do, say or don’t say.

Empathy, willingness to look farther than your subjective views and ways, no outlines and no expectations is what can make a blind person see.  Anything else is a veiled truth created by one’s own subjective views and schemes.

Thank you for the spark that lit my writer’s fire on this day through your lovely shares A Beautiful Mess Inside via Quotes And Sayings.


Clarity of mind like the sunshine on a clear or cloudy day

Clarity of mind like the sunshine on a clear or cloudy day - photo by FNM

Clarity of mind like the sunshine on a clear or cloudy day – photo by FNM

“Our clarity of mind can be like the sunshine that seeps through the clouds on a cloudy day, thin and sparse; but that shines so bright when in clear skies. Awareness of this helps self doubt arisen from the uncontrollable weather and not from a wrong path.” – FNM

Do you turn the pages to enjoy the read of your life?

Inspired by a FB post made by my dear friends @ChargingLIFE.  Thanks guys!

Life's pages to read and turn - photo by FNM

Life’s pages to read and turn – photo by FNM

“Getting stuck on one part of your life is like living in stagnant mode. Don’t allow the pebbles along the road to chain you down and drown you from seeing the beauty that surrounds you in life. Learn from it, turn that page of your life, and keep walking.” – FNM

Making the best from what life throws at you is not the only option we have, but it is one of the best options for those who wish to live fulfilling and happy lives.

We all want answers; sometimes we get them and sometimes we don’t. What’s important is how you choose to live the life you do have and to find comfort and strength from yourself, loved ones and the beauties that do exist on this planet and in this life form.

We can choose to focus our attention on those so-called ‘negatives’; after all, it is our life and therefore a personal choice.  It’s just sad to think that someone chooses to live a painful existence versus appreciating the goodness they do have, including themselves.

Do you turn the pages to enjoy the read of your life?

Staying calm when angry can avoid getting burnt and results in positive living

In response to an interesting point on anger made by @affirmyourlife on Twitter (@affirmyourlife: Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. – Dr. Laurence J. Peter), which I replied to (@luna12780: “That is very, very true…unless one is able to maintain their calm and clarity even while angry.”), my #inspirational #quote of the day (on anger) was born:

Anger under control doesn't burn - photo by FNM

Anger under control doesn’t burn – photo by FNM

“Anger can burn us in and out. Learn to care for your fires. This way they will keep you warm, but not burn you.” – FNM

What are your thoughts? Do you feel calm even when angry or do you lose control?  Have you ever met anyone who can stay calm although they are angry?

Smart choices: even if life turns you down smile back

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin (Photo credit: mhbagtoons)

Take life with a smile.

“We smile at life because without smiles there are only tears and what meaning is there to that?” – FNM

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin