Month: December 2011

Money 2

As mentioned in my Money post the following is a quote from Nationalokonomie und Philosophie by Karl Marx translated by Erich Fromm and quoted in his The Sane Society book. “Money … transforms the real human and natural powers into merely abstract ideas, and hence imperfections, and on the other hand it transforms the real imperfections and imaginings, the

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The creation of money and the place it holds in our world today is something that we created and allowed to become the status quo.  When I say we, I imply our ancestors of course.  Most of us, if not all who are reading this, were born with the value and existence of money already present. 

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The Christmas Holiday and Italy Christmas Markets

While I work on the continuation of The Best Decisions Ever Made I thought I’d write a post in reference to Christmas.  After Thanksgiving many have already set up their Christmas trees, others are shopping for more ornaments, some have decorated their houses, put up the nativity scenes and the churches too prepare for their celebratory traditions.  No

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