Summer in Italy and July

It’s almost July and I’m sure many of you are getting ready to travel somewhere for a relaxing vacation.  One of the top summer destinations is of course Italy with all of its beaches and cultural possibilities, plus fun events.  In case you’ve never been to Italy in July you should know that typically the temperatures are high, but due to unpredictable weather it is always best to bring something for rain or a possible chilly night.  For the upcoming month July Italy vacation I thought you would like to read up on an article on Rising Incoming Organizer’s website: July in Italy.  It mentions a couple of summer spots that you could ask R.I.O. about for possible tours or just beach destinations you haven’t been to yet, as well as 3 musical events: one in Naples, one in Rome, and one in Florence.  The Italy July music festivals take place from July 13 to 17, 2011.


Italy Festivals this June Weekend

If you’re in Venice or Naples starting today, June 10th, you can attend the Heineken Jammin Festival in Venice or the Tammorra Festival in Somma Vesuviana Naples Italy.  These two festivals last through the upcoming June weekend.  For more information and links go to Italy Festivals this Second June Weekend on Rising Incoming Organizer’s website. 

For the Tammorra Festival in Naples you can experience a folkloristic and traditional music performance pertaining to the Neapolitan culture from way back in time.  The Heineken Jammin Festival  needs less introduction, as it is a highly known rock festival.  Naples and Venice will be fun this weekend and if you can’t make it for the festivals Rising Incoming Organizer (a.k.a. R.I.O.) can still be of assistance.  This Italian tour operator offers travelers great services such as tour guides, private transportation, Italy hotel booking and personalized Italy tours.  

Enjoy Italy, whether Venice, Florence, Rome or the Amalfi Coast and Naples.  June in Italy is a great month to travel and tour because it’s not too hot, yet not too cold.  There are many cultural attractions to see in Italy, as well as fun beach parties in Italian cities like Rimini or Capri.  Live La Dolce Vita!

Italian Religious Art Shows

When you are travelling to Italy there are many things to do.  Usually tourists enjoy visiting the museums, churches, piazzas and landmarks.  Then there’s the food stops at renowned and local restaurants; after all, Italy is known for its delicious food.  In addition to these typical Italy attractions there are also specific events that take place throughout the year.  For tourists heading to Naples and Rome Italy this coming June and on, Rising Incoming Organizer has two Italy religious art shows you may want information on in their Italian Religious Art Shows June and On article.

Tour Capri

One of the most popular islands in Italy that travelers visit every year is Capri.  It is known for its Blue Grotto, Anacapri and VIP status.  The Island of Capri is highly sought out for right reasons.  The natural beauties of this relax and charming travel destination escape are what called all the attention; we could say the reason for its growth in popularity.  If you study a bit of history we know that many destinations in Naples Italy were locations for relax and summer vacation of historical emperors and rulers.  Some of the tourist attractions are those imperial villas and summer getaway houses.  If you are looking to go to Capri some time in the future Rising Incoming Organizer has various tours to offer; both standard, as well as personalized.  A bit of what they have to say can be found in their Dazzling Capri article.

Happy Capri Tour Hunting!